Grilled Corn

If you husk the corn- brush them well with butter, season with salt, seal in foil and cook over coals for 10 to 15 minutes, turning two or three times. 


  • Sprinkle on some Montreal Style BBQ Rub before sealing- spices the corn up nicely.
  • Add some chopped green pepper to the wrap before sealing- adds a wonderful flavor.
  • Corn grilled directly on the BBQ. Just peel, leave step in place for easy handling, brush on butter- and grill. When some of the kernels are brown- it's done. This method makes for a drier corn- nicely flavored if you are using real wood.

If you are working with corn still in the husks, open them up, brush well with butter, and use the same seasonings- or try just a dash of chili powder. Pull the husk back up- and tie into place. You can cook corn longer in the husks, some grill experts even suggest up to 25 minutes. Just be sure to have enough butter in the wrap- you don't want the corn to go dry.